Outrageous Mastery is devoted to our customer’s happiness and satisfaction. We honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee and would be happy to assist you through the refund process.

Policy for refunds under the money back guarantee
The money back guarantee only applies when a customer buys Outrageous Mastery Book 2 and Playguide. Exceptions to the refund policy can be requested, but this must be through agreement with us. To request an exception, please submit a ticket to us at www.outrageousmastery.com/support .

The criteria for the refund policy is as follows :


Refunds are only given for the Outrageous Mastery books:

How YOU Can Xperiment with Power

Your PlayGuide to Power


Refunds will only be given AFTER 60 days of use of the product. We request that the customer keep the Outrageous Mastery Book (s) for 60 days to read and attempt to implement the system in the books entirety.

We believe in our product, and refunds are given to people who have used the system and arenít satisfied with the results. We need you to prove to us that an attempt to use Outrageous Mastery was made.

When customers fully immerse themselves in the program, they see tremendous results in their life. This is why we get so many testimonials every day.

In order to submit a refund request to the Outrageous Mastery refund department, we need to see that the customer did in fact attempt to use the Outrageous Mastery program. A detailed explanation of how the customer attempted to use Outrageous Mastery, and/or the customerís mailed in/emailed Playguide has to be included.

If no attempt has been made to use the Outrageous Mastery program and/or the refund request goes against the Outrageous Mastery refund policy, no refund will be processed.


Refunds requested due to the inability of the customer to open and read our product, or any of our free bonuses will not be accepted. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they possess the required software and hardware specifications in order to access and read our products. The product should always be accessible if Adobe® Reader® Version 7.0 or greater is used and appropriate software links are clearly signposted on the download page for our products. You can download Adobe® for free here:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/


Refunds will not be given after 6 months from the date of purchase.


By buying the product, the customer agrees to adhere to these terms.


Any further disputes between ourselves and the customer will be dealt with under our procedures which are highlighted above in the Terms and Conditions.

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