What People Are Saying…

“You Opened Heaven Door For Me!”

Hi Sasha,
Thank you!  You opened heaven door for me.  Keep helping people.
Wow you are my second mother on earth!  What you have taught me can cost me a million but you did it for free.  You showed me how to dream.

Erasmus Kembo

“Thank You So Much For the Baby Steps I Have Begun to Find In My Life!”

I have just finished reading the first book, I have a lot of work ahead for myself, but I will make it work, I will not be in this situation much longer, because God has given me the power to create the life that I Deserve.  Thank you so much for the baby steps, I have begun to find in my life.

Delores Troope

“I Love You, Dear Friend!”

Sawsan Alkarkhi

Your words are so sincere, so genuine and so encouraging, Sasha! You know what??  I love you, dear friend :)

Sawsan Alkarkhi
Sandviken, Sweden

“Your Story Was Very Touching!”

Leigh Ann Bailey

Your story about your son and the deep hidden issues of money was very touching and really made me think how deep these beliefs can really be!

Leigh Ann Bailey
Boulder, Colorado

“Your Words of Wisdom Will Guide Me To Focus On My Dreams!”

kaman mukasa cropped
Thank you so much for all that you do.  You have made such an impact on me.  Your words of wisdom will guide me to focus on my dreams.

Kaman Mukasa

“Thank You So Much for Your Words Of Wisdom, And I Am Applying Them!”

wilma mahoney
Hi Sasha, Yes, I read all about you, and I find you to be a very amazing person. I am constantly, saying great things about my new business, and for a very known reason I will succeed. Thank you so much for your words of Wisdom, and I am applying them. Believe me.  

Wilma Mahoney
Curran,Ontario Canada

“It Is Like You Know Me and What I Need Every Week!”

joni, ellen

Hi Sasha
Thank you for everything it is like you know me and what I need every week.  You are like almost my best friend.  Thank you for everything you do for me.

Joni-Ellen Saunder
South Africa

“All Your Teachings and Advice About How to Live a Good Life, Have All Changed My Life For Better!”


You are a wonderful woman. Keep it up.  All your teachings and advice about how to live a good life, have all changed my life for better.  Thank you. 

Sarumi Isiaka
Lagos, Nigeria

“You’ve Saved Me From Suicide!”


You must first of all, thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement.
You've saved me from suicide I now know I should love myself.

Franklin Samuel Komolafe
Edo State - Nigeria

“You Are Such An Inspiration To Me!”

Hi Sasha,
It would be an honor to connect with you because you are such an inspiration to me.  But I also want to thank you so much personally for helping me understand how to unlock my authenticity and how to start from the present moment.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Warm regards from the Netherlands!

Sophia Penélope Oliver, YouWealth Revolution
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“You Upgrade My Mind!”


I am very happy that I know you as a friend.  You upgrade my mind every day to become a success man.  Thank you, God be with You.

Segun Wusu
Lagos, Nigeria

“You Are The Most Inspirational Person!”


You are perhaps the most inspirational person I have been in contact with on the internet; at least you are in the cream of the crop.  I thank you for all of the great information you have shared, and continue sharing with people.  May God continue to provide you with health, happiness, love, abundance and the essence of your work.

Richard Lyall, Fresno City College
Fresno, California Area

“Thank You For Being A Beacon!”

Hi Sasha!
Thank you for being a beacon to those that want to change their lives for the better but don't yet know how to!

Myra Santrac
Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I Am Grateful I Finally Found Someone I Can Relate With On This Journey Of Faith!”


I must say your writings bring to bear the reality of the God factor in us as his image. And to have the answer to my quest by reading your newsletters has brought an affirmative change in my train of thoughts.  Am grateful I finally found someone I can relate with on this journey of faith.  I would love to meet you face to face one day.  Love N.

Nana Ofori-Atta

“Been Reading Outrageous Mastery And It Has So Inspired Me And Lessened My Fears!”

Sasha, You are awesome and love the lessons you teach us.  Been reading Outrageous Mastery and it has so inspired me and lessened my fears. Even today I read your words in Outrageous Mastery and I felt such hope in my own heart and a miracle happened...........I began to believe in myself!

Caroline Flynn
Cork, Ireland

“The Books are a Great Guidance to Live Positively the Challenge Called Life!”

Sasha, I was literally astonished while I read about your personal life story; and really it is amazing and wonderful the way you have overcome all that horrible chaos - least to say.  I am so glad and even more amazed that after all that the work and love you are spreading now.  It is all wonderful and I appreciate it from the depth of my heart. Thank you. The books are a great guidance to live positively the challenge called life. Thanks & Love.

Yogesh R. Atre
Pune, Maharashtra, India

“Because Of You, I Know I Am
On the Right Path!”

I have just finished reading your E-Book, "Outrageous Mastery" and I must firstly say, Thank You!  You are an amazing human being and I am very grateful to know you and your story. My life is in the process of manifesting my goals and desires, and when it does I would love to share my story with you. Just wanted to touch base, and once again thank you for your amazing spirit. Because of you, I know I am on the right path. Lots of love, Vish

Vish Vadivelu
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

“You Are Amazing!”

I have read one of your books and also a recording about being worthy.  You are amazing!  They definitely changed my life.  Thank you :) Sincerely, Alejandra :)

M. Alejandra Roca Cuellar
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I Have Never Read Anything Like It!”

Thank you, Sasha, for the Outrageous Mastery I and II.  I am amazed by your style of writing especially how you have separated your story from the Genius God Friends commentary.  It was so captivating! I was inspired. I have never read anything like it!  You are truly authentic and creative xxx Sasha has opened me up to more possibilities....strength!  She shared so much! I can relate to some of the literature like it happened to me!  OM uplifted me and gave me more power and wealth consciousness.  A real growth has happened to me.

Jewel Okwechime
Sydney, NSW, Australia

“I Was Smiling, Laughing And Crying!”

I have just finished your book and want to let you know that I was smiling, laughing and crying during this time!!! I look forward to working with you.  I am going to continue on my journey with you as a part of it. Blessing,

Marie Farrell
Saskatchewan, Canada

“These Books Would Be A Must Read!”

I can bet that these Books would be a Must read for everyone who wants to change his Life & broken beliefs!! So Elucidating!  Where do You get such thoughts Sasha?  Feels like the Universe has exposed all its secret to our intellect ... You sort of have unlocked the door!  Great work!  Keep it up!

Mohammad Hassan
Pakistan, Lahore

“Thank You For Blessing Us With Outrageous Mastery!”

My name is Peter, I want to thank you for blessing us with your Outrageous Mastery. I bought the first book last year when I was in most challenging time in my life. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the future and some hope when everything was bleak.

Peter Mwaura John
Nairobi, Kenya

“I Am Very Excited Again!”

I am very excited again, I read your e-book, Outrageous Mastery I and II and the PlayGuide, a while back.  Now I have had the chance to start to listen to the radio session 1 and plan on listening to them each week.  I just started....and I feel a growing desire within again...each time closer and closer........ thanks, you are so great...

Teasha Camargo
North Woodstock,New Hampshire,USA

“Oh, My God, It Had Begun! Sale After Sale!”

Trevor Emdon
Wait ‘til you hear this! I have been a student of the Law of Attraction for at least 14 years, as well as being a trained psychotherapist and a writer and teacher of self-empowerment for many years now (around 30!) This year (2008) lots of things started to come right for me.  My wonderful wife - who is Asian - finally got her Visa to live with me in the UK and we've been together every day now since May. But until your work came along, I had scraped along with money.  I'm a trained psychiatric nurse so I can get work on an ad hoc basis most of the time when I need to - but I'd long ago lost my passion for the profession, and I know that I am here on this planet to empower and help people realize their dreams.  I've known it since childhood, and one of the things I've always honored myself for is being an excellent communicator. But, like the rest of us, I have bills to pay. I came across your books early this month (December 2008) and after reading OM1, I ploughed straight into OM2 and the Playbook and began doing my OM Moment/Hour of Power.  I read your comments about demanding and expecting to receive ... and I decided to "Xperiment", as you would call it. Early in November, (before I'd heard of you), I decided to try to raise a little extra cash by promoting the last of the quit smoking CD sets I still have.  (Most customers like the downloadable mp3 version now). You should understand that I have a number of self-help/self empowerment products - all of which I created - for sale on the web. Amongst them is the Quit Smoking product and another is a bundle of my work, which forms a program I call "Master Success Secrets". I know the stop smoking business.  December is a dead month because Christmas is a time when smokers don't think about quitting.  Even those that do usually say they'll quit by willpower at New Year.  So in twelve years of helping people quit smoking I would never advertise in December, (or August for that matter - everyone is in holiday mood then).  In November, as a result of my campaign - just an email to a small list of smokers I have - I sold two CD sets. The email will have expired - with the link to that web page - weeks ago. Then, there is the Master Success Secrets.  I have a lot of people who signed up as affiliates to promote that back in the summer when I launched it.  I think one guy sold three at the time, and despite my regularly sending out promotional material - you know, articles for blogs, emails to send to their lists etc - there have been no more than a handful of sales, (mostly made via my own efforts, not affiliates) in the five or so months the product has been available. And then I started using your OM Hour of Power.  The first few days I used some powerful affirmations like the ones you suggest and I felt good. I did visualizations and really powerfully got into it - plus as you say, it's a physical workout too, so I enjoyed the whole experience.  Then came the Saturday before Christmas.  I knew that if I didn't pull in some cash before the end of the month, I'd be nursing again in January and all my projects, dreams and plans would go on hold once more. I've believed since childhood that time is our most precious commodity - we can't replace it ever.  This probably was a result of my mother's untimely death aged just 40, and my sister's at the tender age of 5, so I learned early that tomorrow isn't a given. So, I told the Universe straight.  I DEMANDED a certain amount of money (minimum) in bankable pounds within seven days.  I even included in my statement that I didn't care that it was Christmas.  I was absolutely clear that this money must not come from nursing. I was relentless and I refused to admit the tiniest drip of doubt or fear about it not happening.  I felt it to be so with every breath and every thought - not only in my OM Hour of Power - but day and night. Christmas Day, my wife and I were not at home - we went to family in another town.  When we returned, I thought I'd check my Xmas emails .... and oh, my God, it had begun!  Sale after sale - eight of them quit smoking CDs sets, (I have no idea how those customers even found the site - three of them came from countries where I hadn't even advertised the link!) and two affiliates - bless them - had done something amazing ... and Master Success Secrets was - and still is - selling and selling and selling! I started banking the money, (from Paypal - the banks weren't actually open on Xmas Day of course!) ... and on the Saturday morning ... seven days after placing my "order" ... the total I'd banked up to that time exceeded my "demand" by more than 10%! I am finally not just making money - but actually a living wage - from my dream of selling my teachings! I cannot tell you how astonishing it is to see sales of this magnitude at all ... let alone in Christmas week, (including Christmas Day itself) ... and all the more amazing in this climate of doom and gloom about there being no money around! Sasha, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for "nailing" this cosmic, universal truth and making it real, usable, tangible and wonderful.  All the areas of my life are at last - in my 52nd year on this planet - coming into balance.  My health is thankfully excellent, my love life is great (at last), and now finally, my finances are shaping up in ways I've only dreamed until now! I hope this tale is an inspiration to others as well ... Never, ever give up on your dreams!  My understanding is that if you keep looking for ways to make them real, sometimes the teacher will show up who points the way to turning the dream into reality. In my case, Sasha, that teacher turned out to be you. All good things,

Trevor Emdon

“I Am Ever So Grateful!”

Hello Sasha, With tears in my eyes I am ever so grateful for your Outrageous Mastery book. Thank you.

Helen Frys
Creswick, Victoria, Australia

“Your Experiences Ring So True!”

Hi Sasha, It is hard to be brief, but your book called to mind the many times needs and desires were met by faith. Your experiences ring so true, including your approach to the challenges in our lives.  Thank you for sharing your experiences so thoroughly and honestly.  Glad to get to know you!

Sally Allen Charles
Atlanta, GA USA

“Your Story Has Blessed Me In Many Ways!”

susan holsinger
You definitely do get what you ask for...success or failure. I was thinking along the lines of continuing to get what you're getting because no change is made and no effort is exerted to "get" anything different from what you already... have. A victim mentality if you will. Failing to see the potential that God has given each of us is an example of preparing to fail... How can I help people see who they really are and that being small and playing the victim does not and will not ever serve them or will they reach their highest potential that God designed them for when they are in this mindset? Thank you for the victory you have had... Your story has blessed me in many ways! ♥ Susan Holsinger; Grief Tutor Rossville, Indiana Founder of Good Grief and You http://www.GoodGriefandYou.com/

“You Have Pulled So Many Pieces Together For Me!”

kristin planinz
Love your work Sasha! Purchased Book 1 2 days ago and read it all.  Purchased Book 2 yesterday, and half way through.  So clear!!!  Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)   I had my first hour of power today--awesome!!!!!  You've pulled so many pieces together for me. :) And I also wanted to thank you for being so personal in book 2 of Outrageous Mastery, in sharing your thoughts, your systems and your truths..... I was touched by many things, and a couple of things that stood out was how you talked about communicating with family members or loved ones that have passed, and how you included so much wisdom from your God Team, that you received during your personal spiritual rituals. This means so much to me, because I know how vulnerable that can feel to put yourself out on a line like that, and bear your heart and soul--but for the wisdom I have gleaned because you were willing to do that--I am very grateful, and it has profoundly affected my life. :) I have particularly found your Hour of Power to be a key missing ingredient in my previous daily spiritual practice.  I don't use music, but I'm sure you'll agree that whatever works is best.....and I have found this exercise to be extremely powerful in raising my energetic vibrations and making changes at the cellular level. I love it because it really fuses the body with the mind/spirit and vice versa.  So Awesome!!!!  I can't believe how charged and positive and confident and faith-filled I feel every day as I have added this into my routine! So I have created several things already--including money just showing up in my bank account, and an insufficient funds fee not being added!  That has never happened for me until now, so how cool is that?? BTW, I made nearly $1000 today, in one phone call. :)   I do have a business coach, who is helping me tremendously, and that is a huge part of this.......but I cannot discount the spiritual rituals you taught me from OM 2.  They're really helping to keep my vibrations consistently high enough to attract what I both desire and deserve. Yay for me, and yay for you. :) So today, I'm celebrating! Huge thanks! Much love, Kristin

Kristin Planinz
Lampasas, Texas

“This Must Certainly Be The Answer To Any Problem In A Person’s Life!”

Hi Sasha, I am working with your book how to deal with beliefs....I must honestly say, this is a very difficult exercise to do....but I know in my heart this must certainly be the answer to any problem in a person’s life.  Thank you for sharing! I salute you and your brave heart.

Ada Neumeyer
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

“I Read Your Book In One Hit And Couldn’t Put It Down!”

lisa levy
I read your book in one hit and couldn't put it down.  I felt so many emotions for you as well as all my own life's emotions welling up throughout.  You are one amazing lady who gives us all such inspiration.  I feel so much love for you and your children.

Lisa Levy
Middlesex, London, UK

“Invaluable Info On Manifestation!”

I have just finished reading OM1 and now just waiting to download part 2 and 3. Thank you for sharing with the world all this invaluable info on manifestation. Lots of love...xxx

Gopi Menon
Bangalore, India

“Thanks To Your Outrageous Mastery Program!”

I have been listening to the inspirational talks you have and I must admit that they have always lifted me. Thanks to your Outrageous Mastery program.

Ikeya George Okello
Busia, Kenya

“So Many Marvelous Insights! Wow!”

I have now finished reading Outrageous Mastery (book 1).   What a story and what a wonderful and powerful writing.  I also have very much a sense of coming homeSo much of what you write, I feel I have always believed or always wanted to believe.  So many marvelous insights! `There is no such thing as loss’. Shouting Yes! And Wow! And cheering you on, and breaking off from time to time to wash my face as the tears were stinging my eyes. I am looking forward to Outrageous Mastery 2. My love and gratitude,

Archie McKerrell
Liverpool, England

“I Feel Different!”

bianca perez
Thanks Ms. Sasha, Now I finally understand that beliefs are the ones controlling everything in our lives. Thanks to you and your book! It’s really fun reading your book, I feel different! Take care always. I love you!

Bianca Camille E.Perez
Philippines, Cebu City

“Wonderful To Work With And Explore!”

I have bought the OM trilogy and I am nearly finished the OM2 and PlayGuide. Wonderful to work with and explore!

Annie Gedye
Reading, Berkshire, UK

“Your Book Was A Huge Help!”

Thank you for your amazing story! Mine echoes some of yours and it is just amazing to see where you are at now. I feel blessed and honored to be able to say thank you to you and know that you will see this. Your book was a huge help.

Jenn Jones-Cunningham

“What Miracles! This Must Be Made Available To Women Everywhere!”

Dear Sasha, This is the greatest gift ever! Your story is powerful and eloquent and so far; I am only on page 40. Your story has brought me close to God tonight as I read with total awe and amazement the story that you are sharing with me! Sasha, your book is fantastic. There are, as you are no doubt aware, a large number of Mormon people living in this area. Your books and talks could be so incredibly powerful as a healing and inspirational tool for them. You are a Champion! I felt the pain you went through, cheered as you went through the process in court and sighed with a feeling of compassion and relief when you and your father made amends. What Miracles! What Strength and Vision - really an amazing piece of work that must be made available to women everywhere... Once again thank you so much and God Bless! Janice Wotherspoon, BSW Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada


I loved Sasha's book! Actually cried when I read it and for me that takes a lot! We all have to be open to our true path and, as Sasha states, sometimes that means learning some very hard lessons. She speaks openly and honestly about the lessons she learned and the hypocrisy that existed and made her life more horrible because of the money and power people in the church were able to wield in order to temporarily smash the hopes and dreams she had. The MIRACLE of faith and planning one's life based on the "outrageous principles" Sasha outlines are the way we all need to be going in order to find true success. I was working with a group of battered women when I read the book. I knew I wasn't making the salary I should be but the joy of working with this client group superseded any monetary gain. I thought this was true until I read the book and then suddenly something inside of me snapped. I felt a surge of energy that wasn't good leaving my body as I tapped out a resignation and set off to work more exclusively on my own true path...(continuing to share this inspirational message and being compensated appropriately.) Currently, resting up from burnout, contemplating new visions to manifest and reviewing OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and other inspirational material at my home on the prairies I am thankful to Sasha for sharing her fantastic story. Sasha is continuing to work on more books and I know she is a healer at heart. Her words are meant to be read by those who need it most. If you are inspired, if you feel drawn to the book, then ask no more - follow your heart, buy the book and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC!!!

Janice Wotherspoon, BSW
Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever
Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada