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You have probably tried methods from Speakers, Authors, Self-Development Gurus, and myriads of others who say they have The Secret ... BUT...

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Sasha Xarrian
Sasha Xarrian

My name is Sasha Xarrian.

I have lived my life for you!

Let me explain by briefly sharing my story with you.

Would you believe me if I told you that as a young woman in my twenties, with five children and one on the way, I took our family from poverty to wealth in about four months?

And I wasn't even working. We actually went from a little three bedroom home to an 8,000 square foot mansion with nine bedrooms and three living rooms.

When I was a young girl, I was taught to have faith in the word of God. I tried. The 'word of God' said if I had faith the size of a seed, I would be able to move mountains, heal the sick, etc.

Well, I didn't see any mountains moving (and I lived in the valley of the Wasatch Mountains). I saw many people praying to be healed and told to have faith. But most were not healed.

So I wondered if maybe the 'word of God' was wrong or if we had no clue how to use faith. I became fascinated with the word, 'faith.' Was it all-powerful as all the scriptures and stories purported or was it a lie?

Maybe we needed a system to use our faith more powerfully ... a system that was universal in practice ... universal for ALL, no matter your belief system.

Being a rather audacious teenager, I decided to find out for myself if faith could move mountains - hence, my thirty (30) year Xperiment with power and the beginning of the Outrageous Mastery® Formula for Creation.

Now 30 years later I have completed writing what I call the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy. That is because they are outrageous! And I promise you that you will laugh, cry, and feel excitement and passion like you may have never felt before once you discover what they hold for you.

You will come with me as I put my life on the line repeatedly to test whether or not we have divine powers.

Sasha's Son, David
My Son, David

You will hear how
I healed my son from
a life-long illness.

You'll see how I...

Outrageous Mastery® will Amaze You, Shock You,
Fascinate You and have you Seriously Wonder and
Inquire Into "Your Own Power"

It Will Captivate Your Heart and Soul
It May Even Rock Your World

Not only will you get to share this journey with me but I will teach you, Step by Step, the simple techniques I learned along the way to create anything Quickly and rather easily.

And you don't need to take my word alone for it. You can read over 100 pages of responses from people around the world - just like you! Their lives have dramatically changed - sometimes overnight!

Now, this material may not be for everyone. After all, it is not going to be a complete joy ride. There will be work ... REAL work ... involved on your part ... AND your life is worth it.

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy is not for 'feel good' reading ... they were developed to Create Change ... REAL Change ... in Your Life.

The Formulas are POWERFUL ... the formulas WORK ...the rest is up to YOU!

Have There Been Times When
You Experienced Loss In Your Life?

We Lost Our Family Home
Our Friends And Family Deserted Us
My Trust In People And God Was Destroyed

My heart was slashed so many times, I thought it would never stop bleeding and after a while I became unable to expose it to anyone. I was living through a hell that would seem to have no end. It almost destroyed me twice.

But then - through constant Xperimentation . . .

I Cracked the Code To Be Able to
Personally Create What I Desired In My Life!

Let the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy
Provide You With Your Own
Personally Designed Key To The Code
of Powerful Creation In Your Life

I am excited to share my story with you. I want to see you recreate using the rare and priceless techniques I have developed to Quickly and powerfully create anything in your own life.

I have lived my life not only for myself - but for you - and your children - and their children.

I share it with you in love and Outrageous Mastery.

Enjoy the Ride!

Sasha's Signature

The Time Has Come When A WHOLE NEW

It was so startling! One of my many 'Xperiments' was when I decided to see if I could create $5,000.00 cash in one week. I did. Only it wasn't in cash; it came in weird credits and the like. So I tried it again the following week. Again, the same thing happened. Weird!

I added another technique, trying to refine the Xperiment. With a new technique I decided to create $10,000 cash. Remarkably, I GOT IT! $10,000 CASH!

Was this an accident?

Then I became brave. I decided to try for $40,000 cash. It took three weeks but I got it. Now, I was floored.

You Can Now Tap Into My Discovery . . .

I Realized I Had Found Something
Extremely Powerful

I Wanted To Understand This Power
I Wanted To Be Able To Use It At Will

And I Knew If I Learned How
YOU Could Too

I kept Xperimenting.

There were times in my thirty years of Xperimenting where I was a devout fundamentalist. I prayed regularly and my Xperiments worked. Then there were times, after I left that church, when I didn't pray but tried using it with a 'Higher Power - a Higher Self - The Universe.' I tried giving The Power different names. I tried different Xperiments. It didn't seem to matter what name I used for The Power. Using the techniques, I could create with all of them . . .

. . . and so can you! The Outrageous Mastery® formula requires no set belief system in order to work . . . you simply need a belief in yourself and to put the Outrageous Mastery® formula in place in your life.

As I said before, at one point, when I was about 29 years old I had perfected faith to such an art that I was able to take our family of seven from near poverty to incredible wealth in under 6 months.

We literally moved from a home, sparsely filled with second hand furniture to an elegant, newly furnished 8,000 sq. ft. mansion in six months. (nine bedrooms and three living rooms)

The Mansion

Would YOU Like To Tap Into This Power?

What I discovered was - No One Had A Formula For Powerful Faith - TheRed Arrow Kind That Moved Mountains!

This SECRET and PRICELESS Formula to ULTIMATE POWER had just been waiting to be discovered . . . And Now I Delight In Sharing It With YOU!

Red ArrowCan you feel the answer to every question you ask? Would you like to?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Instructs You HRed Arrowow To Receive The Answers You're Looking For In Your Personal Life, Your Business, Your Health, Your Relationships ... All Of It!

Is there a mountain in your life that is keeping you from the happiness and peace you want?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Demonstrates How YOU Can Have Powerful Faith That Moves The Mountains In YOUR Life.

Are your dreams a reality or a wish deep inside you - almost forgotten?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy
Provides A Very Unique Way
To Have Everything You Desire
A Revolutionary Way
An Xclusive Way
A Powerful Way
To Make YOUR Every Dream Come True

Red ArrowDo you suffer because you want more money?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Create a Step-By Step Process For You To Attract & Create Money . . . And So Much More!

Dear Sasha,

I finished OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and the very next day I raised $50,000 for my business. This $50,000 will mean the difference between taking years and months to reach my goals. I read, I believed, and I put positive thoughts and energy into the Universe. I saw results.

I now have complete confidence and control of my entire life. Every time I turn around, everyone I speak with, everything I think, positive results. It is mind-boggling, there is little need for me to even say anything and people are wanting to do business...

... New profitable ideas have been flowing effortlessly. The real amazing thing is we are finding people to help implement the ideas.

As you can see, I am extremely excited about the result I am seeing after reading this book, but I feel I must warn you, once you pick the book up and start reading, it is nearly impossible to put it down. The story is incredible, the results life-changing, and the writing hypnotic. Sasha can write.

Michael Wesely
#1 Best Selling Author
Atlanta, Georgia

Come With Me And I Will Show You
How I Literally Put Words in A CPA's Mouth
Telling His Multi-Millionaire Client
To Be My Client And
To Do It Immediately

YOU May Also Own This Power

Red ArrowDo you wish you were more self-confident? Is lack of self-confidence painful to you?

Merely Reading Outrageous Mastery Will Increase YOUR Self-Confidence Immediately.
Red ArrowDo you feel alone? Do you feel unloved?

The Powerful Secrets To Increase The Love In Your Life Will Also Be Yours. Come With Me as I Share How I Used the Techniques to Increase the Love in My Life By 1000% Within a Month.

Red ArrowIs it painful not getting what you want?
Red ArrowAre you afraid as I was?
Red ArrowAre you suffering in your own home? I was and it was extremely painful.

Learn to 'Hear' the Answers to RETURN HARMONY TO YOUR HOME.
Red ArrowHas a loved one of yours passed away? Would you like to feel their love one more time? Is there something you would like to say to them?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Will Open Those Doors For You.

Dear Sasha,

I had felt as if I had lost the ability to create things in my own life for a very long time... and then I read your book. To say it took me to a whole new level of understanding just exactly how powerful I can be is an understatement.

I was barely peaking through the doorway of my creative ability... but your book just blew the door off its hinges!

Through much of my life I have been fearful to explore my own creative abilities, my own sense of power. At one point I just gave up... and allowed myself to become stuck... until NOW!

Not anymore. Your book has blown away that false belief for good... I am worth so much!

Sasha, your book instills belief... in one's self, in one's faith (whatever that may be), in the way the universe works, just exactly as it was intended but to which we have lost touch.

Millions will be inspired to take on their own mastery, their own abilities... what a GIFT!

Julie Cochrane
Vancouver , BC , Canada

Are You Afraid of Anyone or Anything?

Red ArrowWhat would you do if you had to tell the IRS agent - during your audit - that every line on your income tax return was wrong and you discovered you may owe a HUGE sum of money in back taxes?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy will give you the tools and the confidence to take on any seemingly insurmountable obstacle in your life and come out a WINNER!
Red ArrowWhat would you like to create?

Discover the Power of Creation for Yourself ... using the very same instructions in the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy, I created business after business from nothing - including no education and no training.
Red ArrowOutrageous Mastery® not only gives you confidence, it instructs you in the step-by-step process to power & victory.

Take on ANYTHING in Your Life . . . When a major Baltimore business hired the top Baltimore legal firm to sue me, I had the Outrageous confidence to take them on.
Red ArrowThe Principles outlined in the Outrageous Mastery® Trilogy will allow you to become a masterful creator in your own life, as I was when I used them to create $150,000 alone with my children in 30 months (seperate from my job), then $500,000 in under 6 months.

Discover The Very Same Power
For Yourself That Allowed Me To
Risk It All Time and Time Again
And Always End Up On Top

Red ArrowWhat would your life look like if you always stood in the face of your fears?


Somewhere along the way on my journey through life, I came to understand the concept of believing God to meet our material needs. I've seen Him provide for my family of 9 several times and often in very big ways. But I have to admit that it's often hard to justify asking for really big things, especially those with deadlines, and especially those that are more like "wants" than "needs."

So although I knew that God could provide us with $5,000 for a recent project, I just didn't have the faith to ask. Then I met Sasha at a conference in Atlanta where she explained to me what she does.

I was so encouraged by her stories that just listening to her increased my faith. So I asked God for what I thought was an impossible amount with an impossible deadline. But you know what God can do! And He loves to be challenged by the impossible!

So I asked myself how I could come up with the amount I needed. The idea came to me to ask a few people who owed me money to consider paying. They were surprised that I hadn't billed them.

So just days before I needed the money, it was all there in my checking account.

Thank you Sasha for increasing my faith.

Rhea Perry
Lexington, Alabama

Are YOU Ready For
Outrageous Mastery?

Red ArrowDo you sometimes pray or ask questions - seeking answers and just don't get a clear answer?

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Will Show You How to Clearly Hear the Answers You Seek.
Red ArrowDo you wish your prayers would be personally answered?

What Would That Feel Like For You?

I Will Take You On My Undisclosed
And Unparalled Journey
Of Learning How To Pray And
Get Answers - Literal Answers
(no matter who or what you believe in)

Red ArrowRegardless of whether you believe in God or not, a Higher Power, your Higher Self, Buddha, Infinite Intelligence or any other Divine Power,

The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Will Show You How To Get In Touch, Effectively Communicate and Get the Answers You Are Seeking.
Red ArrowThe use of the Outrageous Mastery® techniques is not dependent on your religious or non-religious beliefs.

This Is A Universal Practice
That ANYONE Can Use
To Get in Touch with Their God,
Their Higher Power or Their Genius State

Let me get real clear so there is no confusion and hopefully no offense. Some of you reading my words right now may be very religious. I can promise you that these techniques will not take away or contradict your beliefs. In fact, I will show how YOUR God wants YOU to know this; how He/She delights to have you know this.

And for those of you who are 'spiritual' but not religious, my words will speak to your soul.

These Techniques are Universal. The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy will show YOU how to get in touch with YOUR Supreme Power, to have YOUR questions answered, to Empower YOURSELF and to find the Peace and Love YOU have been Seeking.

Many have used techniques like this for themselves through the centuries.

Back of this formula is a law of nature which no man has yet been able to explain. the name by which one calls this law is of little importance. The important fact is - it WORKS."

—Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich
Red ArrowWould you like the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy to show you how to tap into the power that all geniuses use?

No Matter Your Belief System, the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy Instructs You On How to Create Money, Love, Happiness and Peace REPEATEDLY.
How would you like to be an Outrageous Mastery® business genius?

By using the formulas in the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy, I Was Able To Create $100,000 cash for a new client within months.


Ultimate Guidance Is Available To All of Us

Using The Simple Formulas In The Outrageous Mastery Trilogy I Received Guidance That Led To


You may be wondering if you can perform your own Xperiment and create as I have done.

Read about Tami's personal Xperiment . . .

Dear Sasha,

I discovered your book at a pivotal time in my life...

. . . I had created many things in my life but abundance of money was not one of them. I always seemed stuck in that area. Your work inspired in me this kind of odd perspective that hadn't occurred to me before. You caught my curiosity. I still remember the echoes in my mind, I was thinking, "she did it, SHE did it." No circumstance. Just that you knew something that obviously hadn't occurred to most of the rest of us. Your story lead me to a new level of faith in myself I hadn't known.

I decided to use the principles exactly as you had. I decided I wanted $10,000 and I wanted it within a week. I was shocked and amazed when in ten days I received a call that led to my having $10,000 within a few weeks. My entire financial life has dramatically improved since that time.

Your inspiration contributed to my life in monumental ways. The knowing how to create spawns more and more creation leading to the life one prefers, one chooses. The value of your gift will enrich individual lives and enhance humanity. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Tami Blumenthal
Reno , Nevada

Discover What Real Power Is
How To Possess It
And How To Use It

Outrageous Mastery® will convince you that riches are not beyond your reach -- that you can still be what you wish to be -- that money, fame, recognition and happiness can be had by all who are ready...


Dear Sasha,

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® has been the blueprint for how to reclaim my powers! From the first words, I knew that this book would cause profound life-changing experiences for me. To master talents that we all possess, but have forgotten how to use, struck me as a powerful theme.

I was drawn to your experiments with UNIVERSAL powers. However, being a research scientist, I thought I should give them a try for myself. I would believe my own results.

My first test was with a troublesome health issue that I have suffered from for many years: diabetes. For months, my blood sugar has been extremely elevated. Using your example, I decided to heal myself in one week!

Trusting completely in the universe and my ability to heal, my blood sugar dropped dramatically in 3 days!!I FEEL GREAT!

I am also attracting and creating wealth and abundance in other areas of my life. By opening myself to the universal powers, wondrous opportunities are coming to me.

Sasha, this OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® really works! Like you say in the book, “If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.” I tried it. I will continue to use it because I know it works.

This research scientist is satisfied and wants to learn more.Thank you for sharing your journey. Your principles work.

Mary Turner, PhD

Author and Doctor of Microbial Genetics

Working on the cure for AIDS

Houston, Texas

If You Are Ready For It,
It Will Mark The Most Important
Turning-Point Of Your Life!

Are YOU Ready
For A Whole New Universe Of Power?

The Complete Outrageous Mastery Trilogy consists of 3 books:

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with PowerOutrageous Mastery II: How YOU Can Xperiment with PowerOutrageous Mastery Playguide: The Ultimate Blueprint for YOUR LIFE

Outrageous Mastery: An Xperiment With Power

Outrageous Mastery II: How YOU Can Xperiment with Power

Outrageous Mastery Playguide: The Ultimate Blueprint for YOUR LIFE

There is NOTHING like having Outrageous Mastery in YOUR life!

The End Result
Will Be What?

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF THE Outrageous Mastery Trilogy?

Can you put a value on owning this kind of power; the ability to create your dreams, the end of your suffering? Would it be worth your entire savings or retirement account if you could really change your life like I did? Would it be worth mortgaging your home for?

There Is Nothing Comparable
To The Secrets Of Being A Master Creator
With Mind-Blowing Power!

What you will have in your possession is the story of my 30+ Years of Intensive Struggle, Research, and Xperimenting with POWER to create A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

No, I will not charge $10,000. I could. And it would be worth every penny. But I want you to be able to feel the joy I do - no matter your current financial situation. There were times when I could not afford high-priced solutions.

I am not even going to charge $1500. I am giving away my PRICELESS and CONFIDENTIAL XPERIMENTS WTIH POWER - that I have NEVER EVER SHARED BEFORE.

YOU will be the FIRST to own them - YOU will be the FIRST to create with them.

You will be given the TOP SECRET link to OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power right now to open and devour.


Thousands of owners around the world have purchased the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy for $147 and have felt it was worth every penny. (Over one hundred (100) pages of testimonials!)

Today I want to give you a special gift. I want to give you the first eBook in the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy, OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power for ONLY $27!

I have never done this before and may never do it again so please give yourself the gift of owning the book that will change your life. Create Outrageous Mastery® in your own life right now.

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You Will Literally Be The First
To Have This Power

Empower Yourself Now!


Right Now - even if it's 3:00 am!

No price can be put on the investment of your life, your daily happiness and your dreams. You CAN dream again. You CAN be the woman or man of your dreams.

Here Is The Amazing Thing About The Testimonials You Have Read:

With the exception of Tami's, all of them had only read OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power.

None of them had read the entire Outrageous Mastery Trilogy!

This is the power of merely reading Outrageous Mastery®: An Xperiment with Power!

One of the first things I learned when I began my study and fascination with the Power of Faith was that Faith begins by hearing about and feeling the effect of someone else's Faith. Something begins happening inside us. This is demonstrated by the above testimonials.

After reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power, the Power of Faith began germinating inside them. Their testimonies dramatically demonstrate the effects.

This Is The Power of Outrageous Mastery®: An Xperiment with Power.

This kind of Mountain-Moving Faith begins in you by merely reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power.

It begins by merely reading my story about my Xperiments and my faith. The seed of faith will be planted deep inside you and it will begin working in you - germinating.

It will be fed, watered and fertilized to full bloom through the rest of the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy (which will be offered to you at a one-time only special amount after owning OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power.)

"To unerringly guide yourself in attaining whatever you ask of life . . . Eventually, through use, you will find yourself in possession of a power that will enable you to throw off discouragement, master fear, overcome procrastination . . . Then you will have felt the touch of that unknown 'something' which has been the moving spirit of every truly great thinker, leader, artist, musician, writer, statesman . . . Then you will be in a position to transmute your desires into their physical or financial counterpart as easily as you may lie down . . .

"Bargaining with life for a penny, instead of demanding prosperity, opulence, riches, contentment and happiness . . . Expecting poverty instead of demanding riches . . . are symptoms of fear . . ."

Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Own Outrageous Mastery®,
An Xperiment With Power

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power

Don't bother going to your local book store. The only place you can get OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power is right here. Nowhere else. I haven't published it in hardcover format yet because I wanted to get it in your hands as fast as humanly possible.

You don't need to be at your computer to use Outrageous Mastery. ALL of the Outrageous Mastery books and audios are compatible with your mobile devices. Take Outrageous Mastery with you anywhere on your iPod, MP3 player, Nook, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smart phone.

Here's How You Can
Get Started Tapping into Your Own Power
In The Next 5 Minutes...

When you order OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power, you'll be taken to a secure order page for your payment information. We use Authorize.net a third party secure processing company so your order information is kept completely confidential. Your order is processed immediately, and you'll get a receipt for your purchase with a transaction number and a link to where you can download OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll be reading the first eBook, Outrageous Mastery®: An Xperiment with Power, in less than 10 minutes from right now.


Thousands of owners around the world have purchased the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy for $147 and have felt it was worth every penny. (Over one hundred (100) pages of testimonials!)

Today I want to give you a special gift. I want to give you the first eBook in the Outrageous Mastery Trilogy, OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY: An Xperiment with Power for ONLY $27!

I have never done this before and may never do it again so please give yourself the gift of owning the book that will change your life. Create Outrageous Mastery® in your own life right now.

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I invite you to join me... and take the ride of your life!

With Love,

Sasha Signature

What will YOU say after you have used this Power?

On Jul 21, at 10:11 PM, Daniel I. wrote:

Hello Sasha,

Loved your book! I have always believed in the power of manifestation but to read how much adversity you overcame with it — really moved me.

I am faced with a dilemma. Maybe you can offer a helpful suggestion? I have always been the top-performing trainer in my gym. This month I became the assistant manager but due to the enormous amount of work going into learning my new position, my total training revenue has fallen behind as a result. I need to manifest about $5000 in personal training revenues but hardly have the time.

I have created my own hour of power and asked the infinite intelligence to help me find it but the time is closing in! (10 days!)

Any suggestions? I am definitely spending extra hours out on the floor trying to create it as best I can. But suggestions for how to ask or any suggestions at all would help.

Thanks for your time, can't wait for the workbook etc!


On Jul 31, at 10:12 AM , Daniel I. wrote:


UNBELIEVABLE! I still remained stressed out about creating the 5K until the morning of the last possible day. I had only sold $2200 up till that day. That morning I did an Xperiment as you call it, I arrived at work at 8 am not knowing where it could possibly come from.

By 10:30 out of the blue a client said, "I need to get more sessions" to which I replied, "You have 5 left still" and he replied.. "Yes, but I want to pay you $2500 for a package of about 50 sessions."

I SWEAR those were his exact words... well I just stood there stunned, knowing what had just happened.

So I ended up creating even more for the day -- and ended up grossing about $3600! Needless to say with the additional $549 I sold yesterday, I have gone over the 5k I needed. WOW.

Thank you for the inspiration. I'm curious, what do you think the limits of manifestation are? Because yesterday I arrived to a totally overcast sky at the beach. Needless to say I was unhappy.

So I did an Xperiment to create sunshine within 10 minutes and to have it last for at least two hours. I'm not kidding when I say the ENTIRE sky was overcast as far as the eye could see — even out over the ocean to the horizon.

By the time I walked from the car to a good spot to lay a towel it took maybe 5 minutes... ALL the clouds suddenly moved off and it was completely sunny with crystal blue, cloudless skies for the full 2 hours we were there. When we were ready to leave we walked back to the car and started to drive away... and it became totally overcast again within a couple minutes at most.

I swear it really happened.. my fiancee witnessed the whole thing. It's kind of spooky actually. What do you think?

Click Here to Own Now!

Dear Sasha,

I read your book and it has changed my life forever. The night I completed your book, I lay in bed thinking; your book was stirring up thoughts. It was "working on me" I began to see myself, right then and there, as powerful, creative, loving, accepting and expressive. The energy was mounting. Here is what I have created because your book gave me the idea that it could happen in my life and for me. I have become more confident than ever before. I know that by moving my energy forward in the world I can create a life that I love. You inspired me to this. Your ability to face life and boldly go forth is amazing.

I have become more vocal. I say what I want, as I want it. You taught me this. It is phenomenal, the waters part at my word. Everything that I boldly declare comes to fruition, nearly immediately.

My husband is transforming before my eyes. For years, I have wanted to go to Europe . We are planning a trip for next summer. He has heard the power and clarity in me. For years, I have been limited by fears. Today I boldly state what I want in the face of fear. My life is moving forward at every turn. My relationship with my daughter (my only child) has transformed. I am her friend and mother today. This is the relationship I always wanted to have with her. It is because my fear of parenting and making a mistake is gone. My relationships at work have become easy. There is two-way communication and fun.

I don't know exactly how this happened but it has happened since I read your book.

I know today that I can use the power of (God) to create the life I want. It is rather simple and enormously effective. I see that anyone can use the concepts in your book and immediately begin to create the life they want. I know that anything I apply the principles to will come to fruition. Best of all, I now realize the power of (God) and no longer live in isolation. Best of luck with your book. The principles you share have the power to transform the world.

Love, Barbara Thompson
PS - The title is perfect.

August 22,

Hello Sasha,

I just finished reading OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®... It is beautifully written. I'm not even sure how I first found out about it. I've been looking at conscious creation intensely for the past several months, reading everything I could get my hands on.

By page 12 or 13 in your book, I knew there was something special about it. I'd been journaling over the past month or so, anything to understand and get answers to why I've kept recreating the same problems in my life. By Chapter 27 I was laughing out-loud and extremely excited - this is what I've been looking for. I laughed and cried while reading.

I'd been really short of money when I found out about your book and simply wrote down that I wanted to buy it. Last night I heard, "Check your [credit card] account, we have a surprise for you." And I didn't! I heard the same thing again this morning and checked and there was enough to order your book.

I ordered it and read it in one sitting - just stopping for bathroom breaks and drinking some juice.

I've been introspecting and so much wanting to understand events in my life, why things happened the way they did. I thought I understood that events that I remembered in the past that had strong emotional content were due to unforgiveness, I still did not understand. A day or two ago, I just started to list some traumatic events in my childhood and teenage-hood and adulthood - things I thought were traumatic to see what the patterns were. When I got to page 12 or 13 in your book I knew these events I listed were not about trauma, although they seemed problematic at the time, they were my power points. I think all my life I've been afraid of coming into my power and at the same time, I want it so that I can realize my full potential. Quite a quandary, eh?

I cannot thank you enough for this book and I am definitely looking forward to the next ones (even if they're unfinished copies!!!!!! hint! hint!)

I had so much energy yesterday after reading your book that when I lay down to go to sleep, I couldn't. And that was at midnight . I did not fall asleep until around 4am this morning. I ended up getting up and reading notes that I wrote down from your book, namely, "There are no limits, There are no walls, There is no loss." So I repeated that over and over as I got back in bed and tried to fall asleep.

I used to be fearful of that Power. That's why I was not living my dreams. I think this is what a lot of people are afraid of: Power, their own Power. Like I wrote in my earlier email, I've had some difficult money problems. This has caused stress in my body, usually a tight neck and shoulders. This morning it is all gone. Gone! I know it is a result of reading your book.

Your book has helped tremendously. I cannot really convey this in words. I am really excited about consciously creating. I am really excited about my life. I am excited about living my dreams. I am really excited about having perfect faith. Love is who you are.

Peace and Joy to you,
Guy Williams
San Diego, California

August 23

Hi Sasha,

I'd read your book a second time yesterday. This time it was different. I felt guided to read it again. This time my attention honed in on the relationship with your father and your father having been on his own since age 13. My father passed away last year. He'd left home at 14 years old and had a very difficult life. What struck me was your conversation on the plane when your Soul Friends told you why your father was behaving the way he was. Your response, "That's nuts." It is. The reason that this is important for me is because I really do not remember my father ever saying anything kind to me. He always appeared critical. It was as if I could never do enough to win his affection.

And then the light went on as I read your book the second time. I just burst into tears as the realization that he loved me and that the way he was showing me was by being critical. That's all he knew how to do. He had no male role model in his life. I just got off the phone from speaking to one of my sisters for the past 2-1/2 hours and mentioned many things that she never realized. It was a great talk. So thank you again for your book. It has touched me deeply.

After I finished the book, I went for a long slow walk for about an hour. I invited my father to come. He'd "shown up" when I read the book the first or second time. Not really sure. I just heard him talk into my right ear and turned to talk to him. (I did not see him but knew he was with me.) We just talked about some of the events that I experienced and never had a chance to share with him. It was a nice walk. It was a very nice walk. I've never walked with him before as an adult. Yesterday was the first. I discussed the Mastermind Council I'm forming and asked if he'd sit on it. He'll be right next to me.

Love is who you are.

Peace be to you and yours,

Guy Williams
San Diego, California

Dear Sasha,

This is the greatest gift ever! Your story is powerful and eloquent and so far; I am only on page 40. Your story has brought me close to God tonight as I read with total awe and amazement the story that you are sharing with me!

Sasha, your book is fantastic.

There are, as you are no doubt aware, a large number of Mormon people living in this area. Your books and talks could be so incredibly powerful as a healing and inspirational tool for them.

You are a Champion!

I felt the pain you went through, cheered as you went through the process in court and sighed with a feeling of compassion and relief when you and your father made amends.

What Miracles! What Strength and Vision - really an amazing piece of work that must be made available to women everywhere...

Once again thank you so much and God Bless!

Janice Wotherspoon, BSW
Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever
Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada


I loved Sasha's book! Actually cried when I read it and for me that takes a lot!

We all have to be open to our true path and, as Sasha states, sometimes that means learning some very hard lessons. She speaks openly and honestly about the lessons she learned and the hypocrisy that existed and made her life more horrible because of the money and power people in the church were able to wield in order to temporarily smash the hopes and dreams she had.

The MIRACLE of faith and planning one's life based on the "outrageous principles" Sasha outlines are the way we all need to be going in order to find true success.

I was working with a group of battered women when I read the book. I knew I wasn't making the salary I should be but the joy of working with this client group superseded any monetary gain. I thought this was true until I read the book and then suddenly something inside of me snapped. I felt a surge of energy that wasn't good leaving my body as I tapped out a resignation and set off to work more exclusively on my own true path...(continuing to share this inspirational message and being compensated appropriately.)

Currently, resting up from burnout, contemplating new visions to manifest and reviewing OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and other inspirational material at my home on the prairies I am thankful to Sasha for sharing her fantastic story.

Sasha is continuing to work on more books and I know she is a healer at heart. Her words are meant to be read by those who need it most. If you are inspired, if you feel drawn to the book, then ask no more - follow your heart, buy the book and EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC!!!

Janice Wotherspoon, BSW
Wings to Freedom Consulting, Dedicated to Eliminating Poverty Forever
Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Sasha,

I just wanted to express my amazement and gratitude for using your workbooks and the Hour of Power. I have been doing loads of things leading up to this.....so you were the final "icing on the cake". For instance I have read the book called " Excuse me, Your life is Waiting "..something to that effect discussing using only positive strong feeling energy to manifest what you want and don't focus on what you don't want and then the Wayne Dyer series about "The Power of Intention".

I wake up early anyway and have been listening to powerful music, do massive writing, take out my intentions and check off all the ones coming true. Most of them are manifesting....and the amazing thing is with two women relationships: 1. My sister who had "sworn me off" and hung up the phone on me a month ago claiming I'm too strong or bossy for her 2. A friend that had a misunderstanding and hadn't spoken for 6 months.

Oh....don't get me wrong...... (I'm laughing) as actually I'm extremely personable and friendly and have many, many close friends (over 20) and have a great, compassionate personality. Anyways on Thanksgiving morning I declared loud and clear in my Hour of Power : I will not go another day without healing my relationship with my sister. Somehow, someway, we will 100% get along and cut out this pain. My supernatural "team of angels" will help me create this reality!!

Well, the miracle, when I got to the restaurant, instead of me having to DO anything or manipulate the situation.....without me saying one word, my sister came right up to me, said a very friendly "Happy Thanksgiving" How are you? You look beautiful, etc....and all walls dissolved miraculously in the moment.

I had brought a sweet card to apologize for anything I may have done to offend her...she later read the card and truly thanked me. We had the best day ever. Not only did we have Thanksgiving, but went to a great movie and later dinner afterward. I've been talking to her openly and closely ever since and all resentments have dissolved and healing and love have intervened!!

Thank you God for this healing......Just declare it very strong to the Universe!! The other friend, again, hadn't communicated for 6 months. I sent a cute email joke and included her in it.

After my Hour of Power and prayers to Heal that friendship, we were like little girls and sisters together....she is a special angel. She immediately emailed me back, asked how I was and called me the following week. We were supposed to spend 1 hour for lunch.....she "kidnapped" me from work and we laughed and goofed off the entire day!!! We are stronger friends than ever. Thank you for these miracles.

Appreciative Woman in Arizona

Donna with Mark
Victor Hanson

Dear Sasha,

As I began reading your book, I started to feel my personal power grow, even from the very first pages... You have opened my world and my vision in a way that I did not even know was possible.

Since COMPLETING "OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY®" I have been able to attract incredible new and exciting things and people into my life almost effortlessly.

The doors of possibility have flown wide open and wonderful things are simply walking or flying right in...

I was stuck in my business and really did not know how to create abundance, especially in the way I wanted. The power I now have, thanks to you, is generating infinite opportunities to receive "quantum income". This really works! It is happening as I speak.

Additionally, I have seen the quality of my relationships with my teenaged children improve. I did not know how to achieve that before. AMAZING!!!

I am daily attracting positive energy and positive people, all types of new relationships into my life, almost "out of the blue..." What a powerful feeling! I have overcome many obstacles in my life but now realize how and why these things occurred. I have realized that I am the strong person I am today because of these things. YOU have helped me see the truth of this. I KNOW that I have the power to attract goodness into my life every day. Forgive the past and move on.

You have rocked my world and what you have to share can literally rock the WHOLE WORLD!!!

THANK YOU for sharing this enlightenment with all of us. Life will never be the same... I want to share it with the world. IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Donna Pisani
Author "The Greatest Moment of Your Life"
New Orleans, Louisiana

I was a single mom of a beautiful son, Nathan. His biological father lived in another country and returned there three weeks after finding out I was pregnant. My life-long dream was to have a family: a loving, powerful partner-in-crime and children of my own. For so long, I didn't think it was possible. Then magic happened! After conversations with my mom (Sasha) and reading her story I was inspired to create my life, to have my dreams come true.

I declared out loud in my apartment, "I am ready to get married. I am ready!" and I meant it. Literally two days later, my warrior appeared. He was someone I had known and respected for several years, but never thought we could be together. The more we talk, the more we realize we were meant to be.

There are no mistakes in life. I am clear my angels crafted this perfect story which I now get to live! I feel like the luckiest person alive. We have set the date to get married and we are moving forward one day, one moment at a time - together. All I can say is that we are the creators of our worlds. We all have the power within.

Katrina Waters
Austin , Texas

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