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On this page, you will get ALL of the details to make an educated business decision that
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extremely profitable.

What we will provide you with when you promote us:

  1. A product that adds tremendous value and has been sold in EVERY country in the
    world (195 countries) and tens of thousands have been sold.
  2. A time tested proven marketing strategy that guarantees results.
  3. A very attractive compensation plan and sales funnel.
  4. A simple sign up process and advanced affiliate software.
  5. Timely Affiliate payments… on-time, every time.
  6. A ‘Big’ Super Affiliate Commission


“Experiencing Outrageous Mastery is the most
mind-blowing, life-altering, adventurous
journey I could ever have dreamed!”

OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® is the true story of a woman who lost everything; her
extended family, husband, home, money, friends and the set of beliefs she had followed
since birth.

Taking sole custody of her six children with no way to support them, she struggled to
create a brand new formula for life, a new set of beliefs that would give her the certainty
to create the life she yearned for.

And she did.

Not only did she create a life of wonder and vision, but she healed her son from a lifelong
illness, created vast amounts of money in very short periods of time, increased the love
in her life by 1000%, constructed a new modus operandi for life, and created a legacy for

Her story not only captivates people’s hearts and souls but also drastically changes their
lives. She receives emails from readers all over the world who are using her formulas to
powerfully create in ways they never dreamt possible. You can read over
100 pages of testimonials HERE

Here are a few excerpts:

“What an incredible book . . . . It took my breath away!”

“It blew my door to power off its hinges!”

“The principles you share have the power to transform the world”

The OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® Trilogy will amaze you, shock you, fascinate you – and
have you seriously wonder and inquire into your own powers.

I’m Truly Amazed

I Just wanted to get in touch and let you know what a killer product OUTRAGEOUS
MASTERY® is. I’m getting sales everyday… I’m truly amazed. The free OM pdf is near
the top of my Self-Improvement Treasure Vault and I’ve made a squidoo lens promoting

Thanks and Best Regards,
Michael Lee

Proven Email Marketing Strategy

Use This Simple Email Series And
Watch The Sales Roll In!

NOTE: All 3 marketing emails, with your affiliate links already in place, will be sent to you
in your “Welcome” email immediately upon signing up as an affiliate.

Email 1:

This email is designed to get massive clicks. It takes your readers straight to our
download page to pick up their FREE copy of our mini-Ebook called “Pain to Power”.

IMPORTANT: This is an Opt-in gift!

Here are the intentional benefits for sending this email first -

  1. Top Notch content that your readers will love
  2. Pre-primes your readers for what’s to come in the next email
  3. Your reader is cookied and IP tracked for LIFE from the very first click
  4. There are strategically placed sales page links inside the mini-Ebook for your
    readers to get a head start on purchasing the product(s)

Email 2:

Now that your readers are warmed up from the Pain to Power mini-Ebook,
this 2nd email is designed to successfully introduce Sasha (and the sales page) to your
readers by sharing a small but powerful snippet of her personal story.

This “soft sell” email makes the reader want to naturally click through based on curiosity
and inspiration of the story. Once they click through, our time tested, highly converting
sales letter does the rest.

Email 3:

This third and final email has driven readers in droves. It’s designed to reach out to
anyone who hasn’t clicked yet as well as elevate the urgency with one final chance to
check out Sasha’s story.

This email engages the reader with a series of questions that pulls them in emotionally
and gets them to click. Again, once they click, our highly converting sales letter does the

This system has been tweaked and tested
the results are amazing.

Compensation Plan

Receive Commissions On ALL
Of The Up Sells

To ensure that you see the highest return on your minimal time investment, we have
created a sales system that compensates you through every step of the process.

When you send your readers to the sales page (by way of Pain to Power mini Ebook,
2nd and 3rd emails, or social media), the first page that they will land on is a premium
offer to buy Book I of the OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® trilogy.

Here is a sample page

When they purchase book one for $27, you will receive 40%, $10.80.

After purchasing Book I, they will be given a One Time Offer to complete the
OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® trilogy and get Book II and the Play guide at a discounted
price of $97. You will also receive a 40% commission ($38.80) on each sale.

Here is a sample page of the OTO, Book II and the PlayGuide.

That’s not all. After purchasing the entire trilogy, they will be given a final One Time Offer
to purchase our powerful 10 call Tele-seminar series called “Master Your Beliefs – Take
Control of Your Life” at a “half off” sales price of $97. You will also receive 40%
commissions ($38.80) for every one of those sales as well.

After purchasing the tele-seminar series they will be given a One Time Offer to purchase
Mastery MindFuse which is a complete brain-entrainment program at a sales price of
$197. This program is available as an instant WMV and MOV download. You will also
receive 40% commission ($78.80) for every one of those sales as well. Here is the
sample page of the Mastery MindFuse program with opt-in: http://masterymindfuse.com

So, let’s add up all the numbers.

Book one sale = $10.80

Trilogy One Time Offer = $38.80

Tele-seminar One Time Offer = $38.80

Mastery MindFuse One Time Offer = $78.80

Total Possible Commissions for each buyer =

Just for sending a couple emails out to your list.

The Team at OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® is great!

Sasha Xarrian’s compelling story and support for overcoming life’s challenges are
needed by all.

In our Joint Venture promotion of Sasha’s work we sold well over 600 packages and
netted over $10,000 just in our first 2 emails, and the follow-up orders continue to come

This is more volume than any other promotion that we have ever done. The program is
great and the JV support was impeccable.

Thanks from our team at The Healing Codes,
Ken Johnston – COO

Simple Sign Up and Tracking…

LIFETIME Cookies and IP Tracking

Once you sign up as an OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® Affiliate here, we will send you an
email giving you your username and password as well as the link to get to the log in
page. Once you are logged into your account, you can track sales, commissions, clicks,
conversion rates and more.

You will also receive email notifications for every sale you make – You will want to
create an email folder where you can store all of these emails because it can get a little
overwhelming to sift through all of the orders to get to the emails you need to answer :)

Our advanced affiliate software ensures that all of your leads and sales are tracked. In
addition to our LIFETIME cookies, our system also tracks and stores the users IP
address for LIFE as well so you never have to worry about someone clearing their
cookies or cache and losing the commissions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will also receive all 3 emails with your own corresponding
affiliate links already in place… So all you have to do is copy and paste each email into
your broadcast point (Aweber, 1Shoppingcart etc), schedule the emails and you’re
finished. Alternatively, you can always retrieve your affiliate links and emails from inside
your affiliate account at any time.

Getting Paid…

On-Time… Every Time

We will send you a payment by Paypal every month! Example: When you promote in
June, we will pay you on the first week of August for all commissions earned in June.

Please note: Our minimum commission payout amount is $100. Once you’ve surpassed
the $100 minimum, we will send payments according to the schedule listed above.

Become a Super Affiliate…

Get 15% 2nd Tier Commissions

As if everything you’ve read before this point wasn’t great enough, you can refer your
affiliate friends to OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and we will pay you for it!

When a friend of yours signs up as an affiliate for OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® through
you, they will receive the same 40% commissions as you do for promoting

Now here’s the cool part.

YOU will receive 15% commissions on every sale they make! That’s 15% of the Book 1
sales, 15% of the Book 2 and the PlayGuide sales and 15% of the Tele seminar sales.

“It is our goal to make promoting OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® a simple, easy,
painless process with a great financial return on a minimal time investment”

Click Here to sign up as an affiliate

Sasha is an amazing teacher!

Her message is one that almost anyone can benefit from. I have coordinated multiple
reciprocal promotions with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® and have found that their offers
are always well-received by partner lists.

Working with Sasha’s team — especially Mark — has been a wonderful experience for
me. They are friendly and very professional. Affiliate commissions are generous and paid
out promptly. Working with OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® has been and continues to be a
“win win” situation for me and for others I have introduced them to in recent months.

If you are considering promoting OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY,
I would highly recommend it! ~JH~

So Let’s Do a Quick Recap…

You Will…

  1. Promote excellent products with a proven track record, high integrity and highly
    converting sales and email copy that will guarantee success.
  2. Help others find products that have truly helped thousands of people, ALL around
    the world, create lives full of success.
  3. Receive generous commissions all of the way through the sales process.
  4. Receive your marketing emails with your affiliate links already in place inside of the
    “Welcome” email so that all you have to do is cut and paste it into your email
    broadcast system.
  5. Receive second tier commissions for every affiliate friend of yours (including JV)
    you send our way. (some of our affiliates make more money every month as a
    second tier, for the multiple friends they’ve referred, than they do selling their own
    products) **That’s how good our system is**
  6. Receive your PayPal payments on time every month.

This is an ongoing, “Rolling Launch”,
that you can promote NOW and then again later,
anytime you need some quick cash.

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If you have any questions about OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY® or becoming an affiliate,
please submit a ticket to our Affiliate Support Desk and our Affiliate Manager will get
back to you shortly. Submit a Ticket Here: Help Desk

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